Rights & Title



Xólhmet te mekw' stám ít kwelát
'We have to look after everything that belongs to us'

- originating from Sxwóxwiyám and Sqwelqel
- on behalf of the collective Stó:lō community within S'ólh Téméxw from the Fraser Canyon to the Georgia Strait


S'ólh Téméxw te íkw'élò.  Xólhmet te mekw' stám ít kwelát.
'This is our land. We have to look after everything that belongs to us.'

The mission of the SRRMC is to take care of and provide resources for the Stó:lō community that assist them in practicing values embodied in the saying "S'ólh Téméxw te íkw'élò.  Xólhmet te mekw' stám ít kwelát" including:

  • The research and assertion of Aboriginal Rights and Title
  • The development and implementation of Stó:lō Governance, pre- and post -Treaty, with or without Treaty
    • Focusing on the areas of heritage and environmental resource management, development planning and review.

Principles of Operation

  • As derived from traditional Stó:lō  teachings:
    • Know your history
    • Xaxastexw te mekw'stam – ' Respect all things'
    • Tómiyeqw – '7 generations past and future'
      • Xólhmet et mekw' stam s'i:wes te selsila:lh chet - 'Take care of everything our great grandparents taught [showed] us'
      • Haqles chexw xwelmi:ay staxwelh - 'Remember the future generations'
    • Letsemot – 'one mind'
    • Do what is right, according to Xexa:ls
    • Ma'mt lam te mekw wat - 'Share with everyone'


  • Protect, preserve and manage Stó:lō heritage – in all its forms – in a manner consistent with Stó:lō values, beliefs and traditions
  • Cooperate with other organizations – both Stó:lō  and non-Stó:lō  - in the protection , preservation and management of Stó:lō heritage and environment
  • Protect and preserve Stó:lō religious freedom in all its expressions
  • Maintain the integrity of the Stó:lō spiritual world
  • Maintain healthy relations between the contemporary Stó:lō community and the Stó:lō ancestors – past, present and future
  • Maintain the integrity of Stó:lō history and heritage through the respectful treatment of Stó:lō knowledge, heritage objects and sites
  • Advance knowledge and understanding of Stó:lō  heritage
  • Maintain continuity in Stó:lō heritage and the practice of cultural traditions in forms both old and new
  • Advance Stó:lō cultural revival


Caretaking responsibility for collectively acquired Stó:lō  resources and holdings ('Treasures')

  • Stó:lō  Archives
  • Stó:lō  Material Culture Repository
  • Stó:lō  Genealogy database
  • Stó:lō  publications – past and future
  • S'ólh Téméxw Geographical Information System (GIS) Data

Administrative responsibility for collective Stó:lō  research and resource management permit authority

  • Stó:lō  Heritage Investigation / Archaeological Permitting
  • Stó:lō  Research Registry

Facilitation of the Stó:lō  House of Respect Caretaking Committee

  • Administration of Stó:lō  Heritage Policy
  • Liaison with museum community

Event Organization

  • Bi-annual 'People of the River Conference'
  • Conferences in conjunction with other organizations, i.e. Coast Salish Sea Initiative, Justice Conference, BC Archaeology Forum, etc.
  • Assist with coordinating the Stó:lō Nation First Salmon Ceremony, Burnings, and Remembrance Day Ceremony

"Occupy the Field" – Engage in research and resource management within S'ólh Téméxw – interacting with a community of academic researchers and institutions according to the principles and guidelines of Stó:lō policy, relating to:

  • Heritage
  • Environment
  • Land Use and Development-planning
  • Research and Intellectual Properties

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