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Stó:lō Library & Archives

The Library and Archives houses a collection that focuses on information about the Coast Salish, particularly the Stó:lō.

There is material available about the history, both pre and post contact, culture, society, language and oral narratives. In addition to those topics, there is also material about land, and land claims, art, education, archaeology and place names.

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The Stó:lō Archives was established in 1996 by the Aboriginal Rights and Title department with a mandate to support and encourage all the Stó:lō to re-establish, protect and assert self-government through research, documentation and communication of Stó:lō rights and title. The Archives contains supplementary information to the Library holdings such as maps, transcripts, oral history, photographs, video recordings, archaeological reports and unpublished material.

Aspects of the management measures outlined in the Stó:lō Heritage Policy include access to the Stó:lō Library & Archives by way of the Stó:lō Research Registry process.  Straight forward requests for information that do not require significant staff time can be sent directly to the librarian. More in-depth research requests will be dealt with by the Registry which is intended to coordinate research projects involving the staff and resources of the SRRMC.

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Facilities associated with the SRRMC Archaeology program include the Material Culture Repository.  The Repository houses cultural artifacts in a respectful manner and place.  Cultural objects include a collection of Coast Salish baskets and many archaeological artifacts either collected during research projects or donated.  These objects are held in trust by SRRMC on behalf of all Stó:lō.

Please visit the Reciprocal Research Network (RRN) to search our material cultural collection

RRN is an online consortium of museums and cultural centres worldwide, dedicated to Coast Salish research, free of charge. Simply request an account, and continue your learning about Coast Salish heritage.




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Stolo Heritage Policy Manual - May 2003 - v1.2

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